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Fans create the world around us. And that’s even more so in the digital age where creators, athletes, companies – whoever – can communicate directly with their fanbase. It’s got to the point where fans opinions about their favourite things can change what the object of their fervour evolves into. Simon Morton spoke to the co-author of Superfandom, Zoe Fraade-Blanar.


North Star Podcast

Authors Zoe Fraade-Blanar and Aaron Glazer delve into the history, sociology and psychology of fan culture, and how it impacts business. In this episode, we talk about how the internet has changed the nature of fandom by making it a two-way conversation between fans and the people, brands, and stories that engage them. Without question, the case studies are the best part of the book.

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Innovation Hub | The Rise Of The Superfan

Okay, yes, you might have a poster of your favorite band on your wall. But, do you follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? Do you know all the lyrics to every song? Do you have a Google alert on for their tour dates, and have you already bought tickets?

Then, you might be a superfan.

Author and entrepreneur Zoe Fraade-Blanar explains the rise of superfans.

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Monacle | What’s the Role of a Fan?

In the good old days fans tended to adore from behind a barrier but now the lines between them and their adored subject have been blurred by the internet. On the show today we’re interested in why some people decide to devote themselves to a particular celebrity or brand and what their dedication does for them.

In a new book called ‘Superfandom: How Our Obsessions are Changing What We Buy and Who We Are’, authors Zoe Fraade-Blanar and Aaron M Glazer take a look at the current fan-based economy to examine its effects not just on culture but on business, too. Fraade-Blanar speaks to Robert Bound from our New York bureau.

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WHYY: NFL Draft; “Superfandom”

The 2017 NFL draft is in town. Thousands of football fans and draft pick hopefuls from around the country have taken over the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We’ll talk about Round 1 winners and losers and what this means for the Philadelphia Eagles with MIKE SIELSKI sports columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Then, guest-host Mary Cummings-Jordan talks with ZOE FRAADE-BLANAR and AARON GLAZER, authors of Superfandom: How Our Obsessions Are Changing What We Buy and Who We Are, about why we are so passionate about our sports teams, movies, music artists and collectibles.


KUOW: The Record

We’re talking about plans this hour. First, a plan to keep you away from your cell phone and your tablet while you’re driving. Also, plans for finding some sunshine in Washington state – where to go and how long it’ll take. And a plan to figure out funding for arts in King County. We thought one plan was dead but now it’s not so.

Superfandom interview wraps the end of the hour. [Listen here]

KPCC: How zealous fans are creating a new type of business and marketing model

Defined as a community or subculture united by its obsession with some aspect of pop culture, fandom has also become a driving force for modern marketing.

In their new book “Superfandom: How Our Obsessions are Changing What We Buy and Who We Are,” co-authors Zoe Fraade-Blanar and Aaron Glazer explore how fandom bends the traditional separation between consumer and creator.


Marketplace Weekend: ‘Superfandom’ looks at the economic power of fans

The new book “Superfandom,” written by Zoe Fraade-Blanar and Aaron M. Glazer, explores the powerful ways fans can influence business. Sometimes it’s in support of a business, like when a group of instant photography fans revived film after Polaroid ceased production. It can also work against businesses, like when a small group of angry fans of Maker’s Mark revolted online after the liquor company changed its recipe, causing the company to reverse its business decision.

Host Lizzie O’Leary sat down with co-author Fraade-Blanar to discuss the new book.
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